Who is Hippietech?

HIPPIETECH is the name of my psy-trance-progressive solo project and because of that If you turn on your speakers you’re going to be hearing influences and music that confronts the challenges with identity.

DJ Hippietech is situated here and everywhere. The sounds and lights of electronic music and the colors and chaos of artists, surround it. Hippietech is the name of the psy-trance-progressive solo project from Danilo Poštić, who has become one of the most perspective electronic music producer from Serbia.

Hippetech king heart
Hippetech king heart

About Music…

As we all confronts the challenges with identity I went through the school with two different lives.

On one hand, I was learning to become an air traffic controller by day, but then by night I was living a whole different life.

I remember graduating from school and thinking that these two things are getting too big and something’s got to give. I never quite knew how to make them work in concert with each other, so what do you do? You buy time.

The time really clarifies things. It puts life in perspective. It gave me the ability to realize that I can fly through my music, so I gave up of studies, found a job and enabled myself the purchase of all the necessary components for music production.

Music has always played a big part of my life as from a young age I play keyboards and accordion, until he found a big interest and passionate attraction to electronic dance music, and so the DJ Hippietech project was officially born.

My style ranges from melodic progressive tracks to fullon layered beats perfect for underground venues. DJ Hippietech are ready to mesmerize your minds and make you dance!

Music tracks 

Hippietech produce more then 10 years and now he manage to deliver quality sound from small studio that he owns.

In last 2 years, production is better then ever.

Hippie has been producing all kinds of Psychedelic music since the age of 15 when underground scene was pretty strong in Belgrade capitol of Serbia. Good responses comes out from all people around the World for his psychedelic music. With strong bass lines and always exploring new horizon for themes he delivers an exciting jourey into proper psychedelic.

DJ Hippietech 

Numark cd player
Numark cd player

Is Danilo Postic born 1982 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Music is one of the biggest and easiest and most effective ways to connect people that would otherwise not be connected to each other.

I have always appreciated artists’ who made art that wasn’t just art for art’s sake. I want my music to be a tool that deals with the realities. That to me is the motto that I live by and I have always have done music with the ability to have that kind of influence.

That is what I want to use music for. I don’t want to just use music to be someone that’s like “yeah we’ll just make beats and have fun”.

Another one reason to start a career as a music producer is because of my love for the music and music industry.

From just being a deep passion for music, foraying into music production enables to oversee the entire creative process of creating music trough the expressing of my emotions. It’s actually bigger than music, but the music is a very strong vehicle to help effect real change in people’s lives.


DJ Hippietech was guest at many festivals, parties and people who listen his music are all very reponisve for releases that came in future.

Hippietech Music Studio

Music Studio Hippietech is always looking for artists who are prepared for exchanging ideas and cooperaton with all people who are involved in psychedelic music and much more.

Music fruity loops
Music fruity loops

There are many artists who are involved with Hippietech on music, painting, desingns and all new ideas&people are more than wellcome to join in.

Working in Hippie Studio brings the hypnotic sounds of the deep psychedelic and progressive vibrations
for the purpose of opening the minds of others and bringing them back to Nature to reflect on the natural world!


Hippietech Music Studio


Release date: 2017
EP: reVamp
Label: Parabola Music

  1. Faithless
  2. From Nowhere


Release date: 2017
EP: Blueness
Label: Sting records

  1. Spooky Lyrics
  2. That we’ve Found
  3. Omnitus
Hippietech Blueness


Release date: 2016
Compilation: Stingadelics, vol.4
Label: Sting records

  1. STD
Hippietech std


Release date: 2016
EP: Low on Emo
Label: Sting records

  1. Low On Emo
  2. In Harmonic
  3. And Suddenly
Hippietech - Low on Emo

Dash & Hippietech

Release date: 2013
Album: Commercial Break
Label: Sound Lab

  1. It Comes and Goes
  2. Drejci
  3. Research Tool
  4. Tickle
  5. Well Done feat. Hippietech
  6. Diving Into Deep
Hippietech Commercial Break


Release date: 2014
EP: Sonic Cronich
Label: Magma records

  1. Sonic Chronic
  2. What If
  3. Rush in a Heart
Hippietech Sonic Cronic

Wow! Signals

Release date: 2011
Album: The Big Ear

  1. Dance floor
  2. Intergalactic coffee
  3. Bad manners
Wow Signals